Top 14 Adsense Friendly Blogger Template Are Earning Booster

Top 14 Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

Top 14 adsense friendly blogger template regarding information i provide in this article. Every bloggers comes to the field of blogging with a great hope of earning. In that case they start their blog on blogger. Because is a free product to passionate publisher provides by google. At that case they design or construct their blog for user engagement. But not everybody not a programmer who comes to the blogging sector. So in that case blogger template help them.

Top 14 Adsense Friendly Blogger Template
Top 14 Adsense Friendly Blogger Template

When we talk about templates that have so many types likewise responsive, premium looking, search engine optimization friendly, ads friendly, AMP configured and so on. But in this article you can get information on top 14 adnsese friendly blogger template which surely boost up your earning.

  • Myextranews Premium

If you have a news blog and you search for magazine style premium and ads ready blogger template then myextranews premium best for you. Infinity scrolling facility make this theme awesome. This theme has footer, header, body enabled ads facility. This template can be used for news, tech and photography websites. Please see the table for other features.

Features Have or Havn’t
SEO Friendly Yes
Columns 2 Columns
Ads friendly Yes (Best for adsense)
Slider Yes
Post Thumbnail Yes
Premium Looking Yes
Fast Load No
  • Techism Ultra Pro

Before you question i wanna tell you techism ultra pro is one of the best free customizable blogger templates. If you see this template you can never stop you to try once. Because the looking of the techism ultra pro is highly exclusive.  This templates provides emoji comment facilities, post thumbnail, social bookmarking icons, and ads ready interface. Personally i am fan of techism blogger template.

Features Have or Havn’t Other Features
SEO Friendly Yes social bookmarking icons
Columns 2 Columns pagination enable
Ads friendly Yes footer columns
Style Tech Magazine Styled Exclusive design
Post Thumbnail Yes Galley Style
Premium Looking Yes AMP Enables
Fast Load No Inbuilt ad types
  • Domag Template

Domag is a ads ready seo friendly blogger template usable for instant adsense approval. Footer columned wordpress adopted adsense friendly blogger template. The most hillarious thing of this template is ads ready layout. Which optimize automatically ad images and embed with inbuilt portfolio format.

Features Have or Havn’t Other Features
Mobile Friendly No Social Icons
SEO Friendly Yes Drop Down Menu
Ads friendly Yes Pro Menu
Style Responsive design Premium design
Fast Loading Yes Galley Style
Premium Looking Yes AMP Enables
Post Thumbnail No Inbuilt portfolio format
  • Blogger Store Point

E-commerce interface of this template makes it professional blogger templates. As according to the name we can guess it is a e-commerce types theme. But i assured during the test on adsense approved sites it’s working perfectly. I think no one adsense friendly blogger template like this. So use it now.

Features Other Features
SEO Friendly rounded corners
Ecommerce Interface right sidebar
Ads friendly Inbuilt online story options
Simplified Ads sliding
Post Thumbnail Footer ads ready interface
Web 2.0 Designed Social icons
Fast Load Mind blowing design
  • Design Disease

Believe it or not, but whenever I saw design disease theme, I was absolutely crazy. I really liked its ocean depth blue interface when i saw. When I first saw, it felt me like i was drowning in the depths of the ocean.

Features Other Features
WordPress adopted 3 Columns
Blue ocean interface Right sidebar
Ads friendly Inbuilt Fantasy Look
Fantasized Rounded Corners
SEo friendly Footer ads ready interface
Web 2.0 Designed Social icons
Slow Load Fantasy design

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