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Tulsidas Biography

The information about the birth and early life of Tulsidas ji is not clear, some people believe. That he was born on 1589, his mother’s name was Hulsi Devi and father’s name was Atmaram Dubey. Tulsidas ji was born in a Pandit family i.e. Brahmin family, he was born in Rajapur Chitrakoot, there are many differences regarding his birth. That when he was born, he had 32, due to which he was named Rambola, Tulsidas is said to have been born at an auspicious time.

Due to which there was a big crisis on his parents, a few days later his mother died. And after some time the father was also over and this little boy had become completely orphaned, he was completely orphaned at the age of 5 years with great difficulty and he was given a place in his ashram by Narhari Das. And he used to give them education and initiation, Tulsidas carried forward his knowledge in Varanasi. And got the education of six Vedas. Tulsidas used to go to different places to narrate his story, once he was absorbed in narrating his story, when he looked at a beautiful girl. Padi, whose name was Ratnavali, after some time she got married with Ratnavali ji, it is said that I had become so much in love with my wife that without her. Couldn’t stay even for a moment Once upon a time his wife went home and they were waiting for her to come back.

The great saint of India Tulsidas biography

He could not wait, then he went to his house to meet him in the dark for dinner, where his wife got angry seeing him and said a verse, which had a great impact on Tulsidas ji’s life and changed his life. After leaving his family, he got absorbed in the devotion of Lord Rama and used to chant the hymns of God, after listening to his wife’s words, he went on a pilgrimage to see the whole of India, where he visited Badrinath, Dwarka, Rameshwaram and the Himalayas. He toured and finally where did he come from, in Kashi, he wrote the epic Ramcharitmanas on the banks of the Ganges and it is said that he took the help of Hanuman ji to write this work. After that Tulsidas ji established the Sankat Mochan temple of Hanuman ji, which is still located on the banks of the Ganges in Varanasi. Tulsidas ji took a full 2 ​​years, 7 months and 26 days to write the epic Ramcharit and the unwavering devotion of Lord Rama and With the blessings of Hanuman ji, Tulsidas ji had a vision of Shri Ram ji at Assi Ghat in Chitrakoot, after which he composed the Gitavali.

Tulsidas ji had become many years old and now he slowly started getting sick and weak. In the year 1623, he left his body. Taking the name of Shri Ram, it is now days in the devotion of Lord Shri Ram forever.

Compositions of Tulsidas ji – Ramcharitmanas Ramlala Nahchu, Barwai Ramayana, Parvati Mangal, Janaki Mangal and Ramagya Prashna.

Braj works – Krishna Gitavali, Gitavali, Sahitya Ratna, Dohavali, Vairagya Sandipani and Vinay Patrika.

Apart from these 12 compositions, Tulsidas – 4 more compositions composed by Tulsidas are quite famous, which mainly include Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman Ashtak, Hanuman Bahuk and Tulsi Satsai.

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