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Upamanyu Story in Odia

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Many students were studying at Rusi Dhaumya’s ashram. He taught students carefully and also took rigorous exams. The teacher tests different students in different ways to find out how much the student has a devotion to the teacher and how much interest he or she has in the lesson.

During the day, it rains heavily. Guru Aruni called a student and said – Son! Due to the collapse of the field, the water in the field is flowing out. So you go and tie the knot and come. Aruni immediately set off for the field.

Upamanyu Story in Odia

Water was flowing from the fields. So Aruni piled up the soil and tried to tie the knot. But the water was so strong that it washed away everything. After trying hard, Aruni could not tie the knot, so she could not find any way to sleep. As a result, the flow of water stopped. But Aruni fainted after being hit by the rain.

Day and night, the return of Aruni to the ashram increased the anxiety of the Russian Dhoomya. “She was released this morning; she’s talked to her father and she’s fine. Seeing this, he became very emotional.

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A few days after the incident, Dhaumya tested another of his disciples, the submenu. Some cows were given to the submenus to graze but the disciples did not make any arrangements for eating or drinking. He wanted to see how the sub-menu works. The submenu avoided the cows and went to graze. The cows grazed happily. After a while, Upamanyu became very hungry. He had no choice but to beg. A few days later, as he was not begging, he drank milk from a cow and made a living.

During the day, Dhaumya approached the sub-menu and became angry with the disciples, knowing everything and saying, “To stay in the ashram, a student must follow the rules of the ashram and not do anything without the teacher’s permission.”

Subamanyu admitted his mistake and said – “I promise, I will abide by all the rules of the ashram.” According to Guru’s instructions, Upamanyu did not eat any of the cows while grazing. But how long will he be hungry? So, hungry, he broke down a nearby tree and drank his milk. Submanyu lost his sight by drinking boiled milk and could no longer see.

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As a result, he fell into a well on the way. He could not be reached for comment. Guru Dhaumya, aware of his divine knowledge, appeared to the disciple Upamanyu and praised his devotion. That is why Aruni and Upamanyu are still being praised today for their deep devotion.

The lesson is that if you do not act wisely, you will only harm yourself. Guru Bhakti is not greater than life. Whether it is life or that of any creature, it is an immoral act or crime to suffer the souls of the pure and the pure. If the loss of life is for the sake of welfare and welfare, it is justified.

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