Water Pollution Essay in Odia [PDF] Download

Water Pollution Essay in Odia

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Water Pollution Essay in Odia
Water Pollution Essay in Odia
Water Pollution Essay in Odia pdf download
Water Pollution Essay in Odia Pdf

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Water pollution refers directly or indirectly to pollution in water bodies (sea, lakes, rivers, oceans, groundwater, etc.) or a mixture of pollutants that cause environmental degradation and the whole biosphere (human beings, animals, plants and organisms). ) affects.
Essay on water pollution, short essay on water pollution in odia.

Water Pollution – Meaning:

Water pollution occurs when pollutants, generated due to various human activities, make their way into water bodies and natural water resources. Toxic chemical by-products from factories or pollutants caused by human waste are carried away by wind and rain and pollute rivers, canals, lakes, ponds, etc. Pollutants also get absorbed by the soil and contaminate groundwater resources. Thus the polluted water is made useless and harmful for consumption.

Waterborne diseases resulting from consumption or application of contaminated water are the leading cause of death and hospitalization globally. Even indirect consumption of contaminated water can lead to serious diseases like cancer. For example, eating fish that has been living in contaminated water for years can cause heart diseases, cancer, and other serious diseases.

Types of Water Pollution in odia:

Different types of water pollution, distinguished on the basis of their source, are given below. Each type of water pollution has a different effect on water pollution due to the difference in pollutants. Different types of water pollution and their effects are discussed in detail below.

  • Surface water pollution

Surface water is the water found on the surface of the earth, such as rivers, lakes, springs, etc. Pollution of water on the surface of the earth is called “surface water pollution”. There can be various causes of surface water pollution such as direct release of chemical effluents from factories, dumping of waste by human settlements etc.

  • Nutrient pollution

Nutrient pollution occurs due to excessive incorporation of nutrients into water bodies. This leads to a condition called eutrophication, in which there is an overgrowth of algae in a water body due to an overabundance of minerals and nutrients. Some of the important causes of nutrient pollution are synthetic fertilizers, fossil fuels, excessive use of manure etc.

  • Marine pollution

Marine pollution occurs when pollutants from factories and other human activities or residential waste from human settlements reach water bodies such as rivers, oceans, etc. Such contamination of water has various effects on marine life, ultimately resulting in its depletion.

  • Microorganism pollution

Some amount of microorganisms are already present in water bodies, which include aerobic and anaerobic organisms. When more biodegradable waste reaches the water, it causes more growth of microorganisms. These microorganisms use up the oxygen present in the water, resulting in reduced oxygen levels and ultimately the aquatic life.

  • Pesticide pollution

The use of insecticides in the agricultural industry for the purpose of controlling weeds and pests; Result in pesticide pollution of water bodies. These insecticides get washed into water bodies by rain or get submerged in the surface and reach the underground water, making them polluted and harmful for consumption.



Water pollution is a serious health concern that many countries of the world have to face. Even some of the most developed nations like the United States are not safe from the effects of water pollution. The situation is worst in difficult, underdeveloped countries followed by developed countries.

Poor sanitary conditions, absence of adequate medical facilities and low awareness of health issues are some of the main reasons for water pollution and the diseases caused by it. The solution to water pollution lies in a multi-pronged approach directed at eliminating the various causes of water pollution.

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