What is Web Browser? Top 10 Web Browser List Which are Amazing

What Is Web Browser?

Friends, if we all use a web browser to surf the internet in our computer and mobile, but do you know what a web browser is after all? If not So today in this post we will know what is Web Browser? Uses and benefits? How does it work? types & history of web browser & all about web browser in English?

Friends, if you are an internet user and do a Google or bing search, then you will definitely know about the browser. But often the Internet user does not have complete knowledge about the web browser. But a great web browser can do many of your tasks on the internet fast and easily. Therefore, being an internet user, you should use a secure and fast browser.

What is Web Browser

That is why in today’s article, we will not tell you about one or two but top 10 web browsers. With which you will be able to use the best web browser on your computer or mobile device as per your wish. So if you want to know what is a web browser, how does a web browser work and what are the benefits of a web browser? So today’s article will prove beneficial for you. Therefore, to get complete information about the browser in easy and clear language, definitely read this article of today till the end.

Hope this post will prove useful for you. Come on friends, without wasting time, first of all know what is a web browser? –

What Is Web Browser In English?

A web browser is software/program that allows a user to display and access web pages. Generally web browser is also known as just browser. The browser is mainly used to display and access various websites on the Internet. Apart from this, the web browser is also used to display the content created with the help of HTML language and XML language.

When you type your questions while using a web browser, the web browser fetches the data related to your questions. And makes videos, images etc. content available in front of you. At present, many web browsers are available for desktop and smartphone users. Which has all the features. And Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser etc. are from many such browsers that you can use in operating systems like Android, Windows, Mac etc.

Friends, the way the work of MS-word is to create a document. And excel is used to create spreadsheets. In the same way, the use of web browser is used to get the information available in the Internet.

So in short, web browser is a software or program. Which serves to show web pages to the answers to the questions you have searched on the Internet. Friends, in this way you know what is a web browser? Now we know. About the advantages of web browser.

Benefits Of Web Browser In English

Today you can use web browser not only to get information but also you can do other things through browser. The main advantage of using a browser is that you can get different types of information by loading and viewing the website on the Internet.

Apart from this, the browser is also used to view the local files available in the computer. You can access any text or PDF files through a web browser. Apart from this, a web browser can also be used to access XML and HTML documents.

At present, many Internet users also use web browsers as media. And also use the Internet to listen to your favorite songs, watch videos and watch movies. However this is possible only if you have a good internet connection available.

Internet browsers are also used for communication. That is, all such websites are available on the Internet from where you can stay connected with people. You can talk with them. For example, you can email a person. Apart from this, you can use Facebook, the world’s largest social site, through a web browser.

Along with this, you can also use web browser to transfer data online. At present, there are many such websites, tools available on the Internet, using which you do not need to download any third party application.

You can share your videos, images files with other person by visiting direct in website. The special thing is that you can use most of these websites for free.

How does a web browser work?

The World Wide Web operates as a client/server model. And when you open a web client in your computer, it is commonly called a web browser. For example chrome, firefox etc.

In this process the client ie your web browser establishes contact with the web server. And sends requests for information and resources. After that the web server does its work and transmits those information resources to the web browser. There are different clients for different operating systems like windows, mac, unix etc.

And in this way whenever you type anything on Google, you see its result in front.

When web browsers contact the server, they ask for those web pages from the web server which are made on html i.e. hyper text markup language. After that the web browser verifies those web pages and displays the result based on those html pages.

Apart from this, the web browser can display not only html pages but also applications, programs, animations and those programs which are built in java and scripting language javascript etc. Friends, often many Internet users use a pre-installed web browser with their mobile. And often the idea does not come in his mind that he can also use other web browsers.

Here we are going to tell you the names of top ten web browsers which are completely free, you can install these browsers on your mobile or pc and run them in your device. So friends, now we know about the top 10 web browsers. And after knowing them, you can understand which web browser will be best for you.

Top 10 Web Browser

Top 10 Best Web Browsers In English

Google Chrome

Google chrome is a product of Google. Which was launched in the year 2008 and is considered to be one of the most secure and fast browsers at present. Google chrome keeps on bringing new updates to the users from time to time. Due to which its speed, security increases more than before.

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If you are a pc user then you get thousands of themes and extensions in google chrome. So that you can make your browsing experience great. You can use Google Chrome on your Windows, Mac and Android operating systems for free.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox browser is a well-known name in the world of browsers. Which was launched in the year 2002, users like to use Mozilla Firefox very much in terms of security. Mozilla is a non-profit organization, so the opportunities to sell your data are low compared to other browsers.

Fire Fox also has many extensions using which you can make browsing convenient.


Using opera browser is beneficial in that case. When your internet is very slow. Opera browser provides you fast internet speed. And if you are an android user then you install opera mini in your smartphone. In which you get features like ad blocker, battery saving features as well as data saving etc.

Microsoft Edge

Friends, if you use Windows 10, then Microsoft Edge is the default browser in it. Some unique features have been added to this browser as compared to other browsers. This browser is fast as well as it has

Reading mode is available. Which is used if you read articles, PDF documents, then during this time you can use the reading mode. In which you can read that article with focus without any hindrance.

Internet Explorer

The history of Microsoft Internet Explorer is very old which was launched in the year 1995. This software greatly reduces the use of less computer resources. But apart from being fast and efficient, this browser is not as expandable as Google Chrome.

And one of its main disadvantages is that it has low level of plugin support. Due to which the use of internet explorer is slowly decreasing today, its place has been taken by browsers like google chrome, mozilla etc.


Safari browser is developed by apple.inc exclusively for Mac OS. Safari is a very fast browser. Which allows you to import bookmarks from any web browsing software along with providing private browsing facility. Because of which it is considered to be the best web browser for Mackintosh operating system.

UC Browser

uc browser is one of the most popular browsers in Asia. You can use uc browser in windows, mac, android devices.

uc browser is a fast browser with many inbuilt features. Friends, we have told detailed information about uc browser in the previous article.


Maxthon is a fast web browser whose name is probably heard for the first time. Friends, special features are available in this browser. Maxthon Anti-spyware, pop-up blocker, apart from providing cloud browsing facilities to its users. You can also download and use maxthon app on your android device for free.

TOR Browser

Tor Browser is not just a browser, online security tools are available in this browser which allows private browsing. Also prevents cookies from being tracked. However, its speed is slow compared to other browsers.


Vivaldi is one of the fastest browser. But this is not the most popular browser, Vivaldi is built on Chromium. Which means that in this browser you can use the extension of chrome web store in it.

However, some plugins may not work properly in the Vivaldi browser. But most will work in Vivaldi browser. And it is expected that in the coming time all the new features will be added to the Vivaldi browser, due to which its popularity and users will increase.

History Of Web Browser In English

The history of browsers on the Internet is quite old. The modern browsers we use today actually started from 1990. When WWW (World Wide Web) was started, let us look at how web browsers were developed.

In the year 1990 the World Wide Web (WWW) was the first browser created by W3C Director (Tim Berners-Lee). The amazing thing was that at that time it was the only web browser from which the Internet could be accessed. And after 2 years i.e. in the year 1992, a text based web browser was created in which no graphic content could be seen.

Then the very next year in the year 1993, a popular web browser named Mosaic appeared which supported images as well as text. And to improve this, its improved version Netscape Navigator was launched.

And friends came after Microsoft Explorer, which is still used by Internet users for web surfing. This web browser provided a lot of convenience to the internet users in accessing the internet and then in a few years web browsing software like Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome were launched in the market to give tough competition to this web browsing software and make it a better browser. In 2003, Apple released Safari for Macintosh devices.

Features of web browser

Features of Web Browser in English

Friends, if you look at a web browser, then it has many features. It is important for any new internet user to be aware of these features.


You will get to see Menu in the top right side of any web browser. Here you get all the advanced options like the history of surfing done, recent tabs, bookmarks, translations, apart from the settings present in the browser.


If after surfing the Internet, you have to come back from a website to the search engine or home page. So you get the back button in the computer in the top left side. Whereas in mobile device you can come back through back key.


Be it Google Chrome, Firefox or any web browsing application, you will find a forward button in it. but this button
Visible only when you have previously used the back button. But if you use the back button
Otherwise, the browser will not enable the forward button.

You can also zoom in, zoom out of the screen to see the text clear while browsing. In all web browsing application, you will get to see this feature by clicking on the top menu.


If you want to prevent a webpage from loading while browsing. So above you get the cross icon , on clicking on which the page stops loading.


We also call this Reload option. If the website has to check any update or suddenly the internet connection gets disabled from the computer.

And if you turn back on the internet connection, you can use control + R Key to reload that page, while in mobile you have to scroll and refresh the page.


You get a Home button in the browser of both devices whether mobile or computer. By clicking on the Home button at any time while browsing, you can come directly to the home page.

If you want to keep the screen full during browsing, then this feature is given in the browser itself for computer users. You can also make the browser fullscreen by pressing the F11 key from your computer keyboard.


With the history feature present in all browsers, you can find out which pages you have opened in that browser so far, you can check the history of the last several days from the browser.

Friends, these were some of the important features that we get in the web browser. However, web browsing application like google chrome, firefox allow us to install extensions to make the browsing experience great.

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