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Winter Season Essay in Odia

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Winter Season Essay in Odia

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In today’s article, you can read the essay on Sharad i.e. winter season in Hindi. Autumn is just about to arrive in our country India.

In this essay you can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of autumn. After reading this article completely, you must tell through the comment below that how did you like this Odia essay.

India is a land of seasons. People here enjoy as many seasons as they can. It is rare elsewhere. Among the six seasons of India – Basant, Summer, Varsha, Sharad, Hemant and Shishir, autumn is the fourth place.

After the end of the rainy season, there is the onset of autumn. From an aesthetic point of view, autumn can be the only place after spring. The autumn moonlight is beautiful due to the dust of the sky during the rainy season.

The turbidity of the rainy season is nowhere to be seen in autumn. Everything looks washed and clean. Autumn clouds are adorned like silver.

The fair-blonde moon shimmering in the pure waters of the river, ponds and ponds attracts any heart to its own and barbarous. In this season the vegetation is decorated with colorful flowers.

The horns start humming. Different types of birds start tweeting. Like the spring, the winter season once again brings newness. Autumn nights are somewhat cold.

Sita Rutu Odia Rachana
Sita Rutu Odia Rachana

Still they look good. Kumud blooms in the lakes. When the moon is present in the amphitheater of the star-studded sky, then the lovely moonlight is scattered on the earth.

In the shade of that cool moonlight, the mind and life get blown up. When flowers bloom in spring, they bloom in autumn, in fact, autumn is the season that is very dear to the mind. It is a clean and pure season. Sharadotsav is celebrated on Sharad Purnima. Sharadotsav is a famous festival of ancient India.

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