Women Empowerment Essay in Malayalam {700 Words} 2021 Free Download

Women empowerment essay in malayalam

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Women’s empowerment is a combination of the two terms women and empowerment. Empowerment means giving someone power or authority.

Women empowerment is the power in the hands of women. This implies that women should be given equal opportunity in all fields irrespective of any discrimination.

In this article on women empowerment, we will discuss the need for women empowerment and the ways in which it can be achieved. Our society includes men and women. In the past, men were considered important members of a family. They were responsible for earning a living, as well as family decision makers.

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On the other hand, women were responsible for doing household chores and raising children. Therefore, the roles were mainly gender-based.

Women Empowerment Essay in Malayalam
Women Empowerment Essay in Malayalam

Women were not involved in decision making. If we evaluate our entire sector, research shows that women’s issues focus either on her reproductive role and her body or her economic role as a worker. But none of them focus on women empowerment.

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