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Yogini Sadhana PDF

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20 Yogini Sadhana Vidhi

  • Always do spiritual practice by making a protection wheel.
  • Do not talk to people about sadhna during sadhna period.
  • Follow Brahmacharya.
  • Do tratak on the picture of Mahalakshmi during the day as much as possible, then close your eyes and try to see the same picture inside.
  • Place some sweets for Mahalakshmi Yogini at night anywhere outside the room and in the morning see whether the color of sweets has changed or sweets are missing.
  • Days come to the temple by lighting a lamp in the name of Mahalakshmi, if there is no feeling.
  • Give yourself trouble like fasting during sadhna period or going barefoot to temple.
  • Pray to Mahalakshmi Yogini daily for accomplishment
  • Every day do Havan, also offer the name of Shrinayana in the Havan and pray that they allow Mahalakshmi to give Siddhi.
  • Before sadhna, cut the nails of hands and feet, make a clean body, can keep a beard, there is no problem.
  • In the evening before the sadhna, definitely take a bath.
  • In these days of sadhna, do not eat food personally at anyone’s house and if you have to eat, then take special care that you do not eat non-vegetarian food in that house.
  • Do not wear other person’s clothes, do not touch anyone unnecessarily, speak less, be calm
  • While doing sadhna, do sadhna by wrapping a new dhoti or towel, do not wear dirty or old clothes, because you cannot buy new clothes everyday, so towels
  • Or do sadhna by wrapping a lungi, wash the towel during the day, wrap it again at night, buy a thin yellow or white towel, not thick.
  • Mahalakshmi is a woman, so keep some items of makeup as well.
  • Just as one becomes restless for a beautiful woman, in the same way, there should be restlessness for Mahalakshmi Yogini, who keeps the picture of Mahalakshmi in front of you, in the same way, do more and more tratak on the photo continuously for her darshan.
  • Spend day and night in the name of Mahalakshmi Yogini on this sadhna, talk to Mahalakshmi, keep telling your every problem as if she is with you.
  • Every moment Mahalaxmi yearns for the yogini like she was with you for years and has suddenly gone somewhere.
  • Do not make the mistake of drowning in the thoughts of another woman during the sadhana period, do not talk to any woman on the phone before or after chanting in the night, Mahalakshmi Yogini is with you or else she will make you mind towards another woman. Sadhana will be broken.

Yogini Sadhana PDF

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